Simply Watercolour

Simply Watercolour

Simply Watercolours are affordable, basic colours that can be used to paint on all conventional watercolour surfaces such as the Simply Watercolour Pad. Sets are available with both tubes and half pans.

Simply Watercolour Set  Code 134 500 100
- Contains 12 x 12ml tubes

Simply Watercolour Set  Code 134 500 124
- Contains 24 x 12ml tubes

Simply Watercolour Pocket Set  Code 134 500 000
- Contains 12 half pans and 1 Simply Brush

Simply Watercolour Mini Set  Code 134 500 900
- Contains 6 x 12ml tubes, 7 x 10" 10-sheet pad and 1 Simply brush

Simply Watercolour Mini Easel Set  Code 126 500 201
Ideal starter bundles for the beginner.
- Contains 12 x 12ml tubes
                     7 Simply brushes
                     Simply mixing palette
                     A5 paper pad
                     4 sketching pencils

Simply Watercolour Sets 12 and 24 tubes of 12ml
Simply Watercolour Pocket Sets


Hi. I'm a portrait artist

Hi. I'm a portrait artist featured here at Daler-Rowney.   —  Artist Mike Theuer

Besides making portraits for a living, I also teach painting at the nearby Pennsylvania State University. The watercolor paints I have on hand for students to use in a pinch and strongly recommend they buy for themselves are Daler-Rowney ‘simply watercolor’ tubes. For the money, these paints mix the best in water, blend the best with each other and hold their intensity best on the paper. This sounds canned, I know, but you could look in my supply closet and see for yourself!
mike theuer signature

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