Simply Acrylic

Simply Acrylic

Simply Acrylics are affordable colours that can be used to paint on all conventional art surfaces such as paper, cardboard, canvases, etc. These soft-bodied colours can be used straight from the tube as they wet easily on to the surfaces, or they can be thinned with water.

24 colours

- 75ml tube  Code 126 075 •••
- 750ml* pot  Code 126 750 •••

*Available in: Black, Brilliant Red, Brown, Lemon Yellow, Medium Green, Ultramarine Blue, White and Yellow Ochre.
••• When specifying colour, quote tube size code (above) followed by the colour number from the colour chart.



Simply Acrylic Set  Code 126 500 025
- Contains 6 x 75ml tubes

Simply Acrylic Set  Code 126 500 012
- Contains 12 x 12ml tubes

Simply Acrylic Set  Code 126 500 024
- Contains 24 x 12ml tubes

Simply Acrylic Wooden Box Set  Code 126 500 050
- Contains 12 x 12ml tubes

Simply Acrylic Mini Art Set  Code 126 500 900
- Contains 6 x 12ml tubes, 8 x 8” stretched surface and 3 Simply brushes

Simply Acrylic Mini Easel Set  Code 126 500 201
Ideal starter bundles for the beginner
- Contains 12 x 12ml tubes
                     10 Simply brushes
                     Simply mixing palette
                     3 canvas panels 7 x 5”
                     4 sketching pencils

Simply Acrylics 6x75ml
Simply Acrylic Sets 12 and 24 tubes of 12ml
Simply Acrylic Mini Art Sets


Simply Acrylic

Hi! I was wondering if you sold your simply acrylic paints seperately? I have looked in stores but I have had no luck. I lLOVE the Dark Blue Simply Acrylic paint. It  is my favorite paint. The color is beautiful! I would love to be able to buy a huge tube of it! SO my question is, do you sell the colors seperately? Thanks!

Top coat

We just finished a painting using Simply Acrylic paints.  Should wall ply some type of top coat to make it weather resistant?

non toxic

Simple question. I am making rocks and waterfalls for my lizard cage and I would like to know if the Simply Acrylic line is non toxic.

Simply Acrylic...

I'd like to know...
Are the Simply Acrylic paints permanent?
I'd like to use the paint for jewelry making!

Simply Acrylic...


Our Simply Acylics are lightfast and moderately durable.
System 3 Original would be much better as they are considerably more durable and much stronger in colour.

Hoping that will help you,
Kind regards,


i need pricing for mini acrylics



I am sorry but as we are a manufacturer and not a distributor, we don't sell directly to customers but only to retailers.
You will find different prices for our mini acrylics sets depending on the store where you buy it. you should ask in stores that sell our products.
You can find our retailers on our store locator on the link below:

Thank you for your request,


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