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Screw cap failure on Cryla tubes

I have over thirty tubes of System 3 Cryla colours in 75 ml tubes. Some of them are over two years old and function well. However, I wonder if anyone else has encountered a problem with the screw caps on the more recently purchased tubes simply shearing off during normal opening and closing? I now have 7 nearly new tubes of paint sporting kitchen foil caps to stop them drying out, because of the inadequacy of their screw caps. This is very inconvenient, yet my retailer is unable to suggest any remedy whatsoever, nor tell me where I might obtain replacement caps. Not good enough Daler-Rowney, but I'll wait for comments before changing to another brand.

screw caps on cryla tubes

I have found the same problem - the caps just break off with no pressure applied, simply undoing them. Cling film helps, but doesn't prevent paint escaping from the tubes and messing things up. What a pain and a waste. Daler Rowney, please improve this cheap bit of manufacturing.


Hello Mike,

Sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with a product of ours.

Please could you send an email with the information below:

Your Name & Address.
What tubes have dried out (if any).

We will send you some replacement caps and tubes if any have dried out.

Send the email to:

Best Regards.

Split cap

Although my caps have not sheared off totally i do have a couple that have split where the overhanging part of the cap joins the narrower shaft that contains the screw thread. This means the seal is no longer air tight and i have to put cling film over the opening before i put the cap on. If you have stocks of caps i would be super grateful for a couple.


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