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problem with Impasto Gel


I have had a problem with the Rowney Impasto gel (Matt) 75ml tube I am using.. (I was using the Gel to overpaint a digital print) first three canvases worked fine, needing new tube of gel.. I go to a different art shop and buy two new tubes of the same brand gel and start on canvas No 4… this time its a relatively hotter day (24c +). When the gel comes out of the tube its far less workable, more like a gritty toothepaste than smooth paint-like texture. I try the second tube.. exactly the same texture. I go ahead anyway and now have a ruined canvas. The gel dried semi-opaque with gritty white sand grains throughout..which really show up against the dark print underneath. So have you had a problem like that before? was it a temperature thing, a bad batch? I can provide a photo of the result if you wish it.

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