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new to oils....HELP

I have painted with Acrylics for about 18 years now, and just recently bought the Georgian Oil starter kit to give it a shot.
My question is, how long does it take an oil painting to dry completely? I live on the Gulf Coast where it is very humid. I started a small "practice" painting last week, and of course it is still somewhat wet. My worry is that if this thin ammount of paint still isn't dry, how long will it take to cure after much more paint has been added to the canvas? Also, does it need to completely cure before adding a varnish, and is a varnish necessary?

How long until dry?

Did you ever get an answer to your question? I am experiencing the same problem! How long does it take the Georgian oil paint to dry? It has been almost 3 days and it is still quite wet.

oil paints drying

Hi, I paint useing Georgian Oils on canvas. After initial drawing in pencil I use a very turps diluted colour mixed with Underpainting white for the blocking in which usually is dry enough to continue the next day using thicker paint to build up layers and from dark to light., in a traditional way.
DalerRowney supply an Alkyd oil that also mixed with the paint, thins it down and drys quicker.It is usual to leave an oil painting for six months prior to varnish to allow the painting to dry and breath.

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