How I Draw Hair

Video How To Draw Hair

"How I Draw Hair"

My answer in this video!


Hair Flow

To make drawing hair simple, I follow four rules.

1. Go with the flow!
I always draw in the direction the hair grows.
Whether the hair is short or long, I figure out which way it is
growing first and never veer from that flow.
Otherwise the hair would look unnatural.
I think of it like driving a car or petting a cat.
If I went against the flow, I'd get hurt!

Hair Dark

2. Draw dark to light
I always find the dark areas to start my pencil line.
Then I follow the flow toward the lightest areas.
That's where my line will end. Right now it would help
if you read my lesson on "Shading" because the light areas
in hair will make more sense. The light areas are where the light
bounces off the hair to your eye, like the high spot on an
individual curl or the high points around the crown of the head.
These "bounces" are where the hair has sheen.



Hair Hard





3. Draw hard to soft
When drawing dark to light I always start by pressing hard
on the paper and gradually releasing the pressure to where
the stroke ends with just a whisper.






Long Hair Girl

4. Arm still
Finally I always keep my forearm planted on the desk
with my hand comfortably in front of me, thumb up.
I only have about a 45° range of motion for drawing in this position,
but no matter. I move my drawing board underneath my hand instead!



Now shampoo, rinse and re...
I mean follow these steps for every strand, curl, tuft and lock
until the entire head (or body) of hair is drawn!


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