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Defect in Skyflow Flat Wash Sienna Brush (SN278-1)/


I purchased a Sienna Robert Simmons Skyflow Flat Wash brush approximately 6 months ago but did not immediately put it to use.  When I took it out of it's packaging during a 2-day watercolor workshop pieces of the enamel on the brush handle began shedding until almost half of it has come off.  It has never been improperly stored or subjected to extreme conditions such as moisture or heat.  The store at which it was purchased does not accept returns on opened products so I am apparently stuck with it.  No other Robert Simmons brushes I have purchased have had this problem nor have any of those belonging to other persons in my workshop.  It is an isolated case or does the SN278-1 Skyflow Flat Wash brush have a manufacturing defect?

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