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All Cryla Artists' Acrylic colours have been assigned a Munsell Colour through visual interpretation by the Daler-Rowney technical team in accordance to "The Munsell Book of Colour". Primarily the Munsell Colour is a system used to communicate colour verbally between people that have "The Munsell Book of Colour" and is an internationally recognised standard. However, it also helps describe the colour:

Hue: Is defined by letters

Y = Yellow GY = Green Yellow

G = Green BG = Blue Green

B = Blue PB = Purple Blue

P = Purple RP = Red Purple

R = Red YR = Yellow Red

The numbers before indicate how far it is from that colour, i.e. 0.00 Y gives you a middle yellow and as the number increases the hue moves closer to the next colour, i.e. 9.00 Y is heading towards Yellow Green so it is a greener yellow than 0.00 Y was.

Value: Is the lightness scale with 0 being black and 10 being white.

Chroma: Is the intensity or vividness of the colour, with 0 being dull and 10 being vivid.

On the right you can download a PDF of the Munsell Values for each of the colours in the Cryla Artists' Acrylic range broken down into colour groups.

Colour Chart

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