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Cryla Artists' Acrylic colours are formulated in the research and development laboratory based in Bracknell, England with the knowledge gained from over 225 years of colour manufacturing. Each colour is either individually formulated from one pigment, or else a combination of purest pigments is used to ensure only the strongest, cleanest colour is produced with all the standard characteristics of Cryla Artists' Acrylic. These formulations are put through accelerated storage testing and the final film is tested to ensure the highest level of stability. Once the fomulations have passed the rigorous testing process they are passed to the manufacturing department to produce.Skilled employees carefully weigh out the pigment, binder and additives into a bertha and mechanically mix it to disperse the pigment evenly throughout the binder. Once a homogenous mix has been achieved the colour is put over a triple-roll mill, consisting of three rollers that rotate in alternate directions with a very small gap between each one.

As the colour passes through the mill the pigment is crushed to a smaller particle size and further dispersed into the binder. This process is repeated until an optimal particle size is achieved for each colour; grinding the pigment to its optimal particle size develops the colour fully, giving a strong, rich tint.Triple-roll milling is the traditional method of producing artists' colours since they were first commercially made. Originally the rollers were made of granite, but modern rollers are now made of steel, which gives even better results. Although the machinery used to make artists' colours has improved over the years the manufacturing process is still the same as it has always been.cryla
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