Cryla Artists' Acrylic

Cryla Artists' Acrylic



The professional’s choice since 1963, the new Cryla Artists’ Acrylic range now has 87 colours. The new range features colours used by the old masters, specific primary shades and contemporary colours containing the most modern pigments available. 

Daler-Rowney has provided artists with the very best colours and materials for over 225 years. Since 1783 when brothers Richard and Thomas Rowney started preparing and selling artists' colours in London, painters worldwide have been convinced by the excellent quality of Daler-Rowney products. Using the knowledge gained over centuries of colour manufacturing, coupled with new technologies and materials that are being developed, Daler-Rowney has always undertaken a continuous programme of technical improvement to create ranges such as Cryla Artists’ Acrylic that surpass all previous standards.

Cryla Artists’ Acrylic was introduced by Rowney & co. in 1963 and pioneered the use of artists’ acrylics in Europe; it is one of the significant milestones in the company’s development. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colour is a very heavy-bodied colour with a high loading of permanent, lightfast pigments. The unique heavy, buttery feel under the brush and knife is popular with artists wanting to achieve a wide variety of impasto effects.


Defective Tube Top

While the Cryla paint is very nice to work with, within a few weeks of use, the screw on top of the paint broke. The threaded portion splitting away from the larger outside plastic. And of course, once you can't close a tube of acrylic tightly, it dries out almost immediately.
I would have returned it to the store I purchased it from, but as I buy paint in several places and it has been awhile since I bought this paint, I cannot do this. I feel you should know that this is a problem and also hope that you will offer to replace the paint yourself
Thank you

Excellent acrylic colours

I´ve been painting for more than 15 years, recently I bought some CRYLA professional Colours for expand my palette. Firstly  the colors were highly pigmented and I liked this. Intense colours are important for my paintings.
Texture of CRYLA is heavy bodied as labeled and I´m used to paint with more flowing layers details , however it´s not a problem, applying water and acrylic medium I obtained the desired consistence and body, of course in some cases applying the layer non diluited color is great to having the brustrokes in canvas. 
The colour range is great for me , specially greens, I´ve used hookers green and olive green and the hues are perfect for my painting proces....also I like paynes grey because its well balanced with its darkness and blue shade effect and titanium white because its excellent covering and opacity. Finally I saw that all technicall information regarding lightfastness and pigments is clearly displayed in tubes and bottles, so for now it´s not an excuse not knowing the pigments properties and learning more about pigments for Artists,
...and the scale levels of opacity of CRYLA with its circle label at the top of tubes and bottles  is for my oppinion unique and more adecuated to the chemical propiertes of pigments, no other brand has this large scale of opacity allowing professional artists to know better if the color has a minimum or higher opacity.
So I´m happy from now I have CRYLA in my palette of colours!
Marco Valencia

Rowney Cryla Flow Artist Arcylic Colour

Recently i bought rowney cylra flow artist acrylic colour. It comes in a 500ml bottle. This is my first time using and i like it. I came to know about the color from a painting book that specifically mentioned about the product which is good especially in doing large piece solid background. It took me quite a while to search for it and only recently i managed to get some from one artshop in Kuala Lumpur. Nonetheless I was told that the product is already quite sometime, and no longer in production. The shop is trying to finish it off by selling at a discounted price.

After first time using it, i find it is still good and i like it very much but unfortunately the color choice is limited as it only has few bottle left. I could not find it anywhere else.

As such i wonder if you still have that cylra flow in production and if you still do where can i find it in Kuala Lumpur or you have a different product replacing it. Thanks

Rowney Cryla Flow Artist Arcylic Colour

Hi Yusuf,

Unfortunately we don't produce this Cryla Flow anymore and we have changed our Artists' Acrylic Colour range to Cryla.
Cryla is much heavier bodied but however it can be changed to a flowable consistency by mixing it with a small amount of our Flow Enhancer and some water: it will then be similar to Cryla Flow and would be the best alternative to it.

Thank you for your request,

Kind regards,

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