Artists' Watercolour

Artists' Watercolour

Artists' Watercolours are characterized by their rich, free-flowing colour, which never leaves any hard lines at the edge of a wash. Their unparalleled performance is a product of precise formulations, based on the suspension of the very finest quality pigments in an aqueous solution of gum Arabic. Only the best pigments, regardless of cost, are used in the manufacture of Artists’ Watercolours.

Tinting strength:

Artists’ Watercolours are formulated to maximise the varying tint strengths of different pigments.

Black & White:

Watercolourists can choose to mix their own dark tones and blacks, or use ready-mixed blacks. Ivory Black is the most widely used. On its own, it’s a velvety black with warm brown undertones. Lamp Black is a cooler colour, with blue undertones, which is more opaque than Ivory Black. Both may be mixed with other colours to create darker shades. Chinese White is a traditional white used for highlighting and mixing pale pastel tints. Titanium White is a newer, more opaque pigment with greater tinting strength. All transparent colours become opaque when mixed with Chinese White or Titanium White.

80 colours

– 5ml tube (series A/B & C)  Code 130 002 •••

– 15ml tube (series A/B & C)  Code 130 005 •••

– Half pan (series A/B & C)  Code 130 015 •••

••• When specifying colour, quote tube size code (above) followed by the colour number from the colour chart.



Miniature Pocket Set  Code 130 900 181
– Miniature Watercolour Box. Contains 18 quarter pans of Artists’ Watercolour and a sable brush.

20 Half Pan Slider Set  Code 130 900 026
– Contains a selection of 20 artists’ quality half pans.

Metal Box Sets

12 Half Pan Metal Box Set  Code 130 900 512
– 12 colours. A selection of the finest professional half pans in a black metal box.
24 Half Pan Metal Box Set  Code 130 900 524
– A black metal box containing 24 Artists’ Watercolours, considered by many to be the best in the world.

Wooden Box Sets
These finely crafted wooden boxes contain the highest quality Artists’ Watercolours and make an exquisite gift for any watercolour artist.

Wooden Box Large - Tube  Code 130 900 444
– A high-quality wooden box containing: 20 x 5 ml tubes, 5-Well China Palette, 3 x Series 40 Sable Brushes, 10” x 7” Langton Pad, 75 ml Art Masking Fluid, 12 x Sketching Pencils, Cleaning Cloth, Information Leaflet and Putty Rubber.

Wooden Box Small - Half Pan Code 130 900 555
– A high-quality wooden box containing: 15 half pans and 2 tubes, 5-Well China Palette, 2 x Series 40 Sable Brushes, Cleaning Cloth, Information Leaflet, Watercolour Postcards.
Wooden Box Large - Half Pan  Code 130 900 666
– A high-quality wooden box containing: 30 half pans and 2 tubes, 5-Well China Palette, 3 x Series 40 Sable Brushes, 10” x 7” Langton Pad, 75 ml Art Masking Fluid, 12 x Sketching Pencils, Cleaning Cloth, Information Leaflet and Putty Rubber.

Artists' Watercolours 5ml
Artists' Watercolours 15ml
Artists' Watercolour Half Pans


Large Wooden half pan box

Hello, i have the large wooden half pan box, I am very pleased with it and it's quality. But I don't know what to do with the pans. You are given the white foam to temporarily hold them in place, but now I don't know what to do with them because I can't just have them sitting loosely in the box! 
Kind regards

I wonder!!!

Viridian PG18  381****(t)B   
I got to try rownery viridan artista' watercolour on last weekend.  In my veiw It's granular colour. Therefore I think you're misstake.

Rownery Viridian Artists' watercolour!

Why Viridain 381(Pg18) is not granulation? Usually, Viridian(Pg18) is an granulation.


Usually, Viridian(Pg18) is an granular colour.
Why not!

Wooden Box Large - Tube Code 130 900 444

Plan to buy some of your products as my friend is in UK for couple of days. Can you please provide me with the following information so that I can mail my friend to pick up these.
1. What 20 colors are inluded in the mentioned Wooden Box Large - Tube  Code 130 900 444?
2. What would be cost of a 5ml tube and 15ml tube?
Please let me know at the earliest.
Many thanks

RE: Wooden Box Large - Tube Code 130 900 444

Hi Binoo,

The Wooden Box Large contains the following colours in 5ml tubes:
Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Violet, Phthalo Blue Red Shade, Cobalt Blue, French ultramarine, Viridian Hue, Hookers’ Green Light, Hookers’ Green Dark, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Light Red, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Ivory Black and Chinese White.

We don't sell directly to customers but only to retailers who are responsible for product pricing in their own stores. Therefore we can't tell you an exact price for 5ml and 15ml tubes of Artists' Watercolour as they will vary from a store to another.

However we can give you the Retailer Recommended Price for those tubes to give you an idea of what the prices would be in stores:
5ml tubes: Series A and B: £5.25 - Serie C: £7.75
15ml tubes: Series A and B: £10.75 - Serie C: £15.25

We hope that ill help and that you will find the colours you are looking for.

Thank you for your requets,

Kind regards,

Artists Watercolour

Your colour chart is very useful but do you have a table showing the pigments used in each of your colours, perhaps also showing other key charachteristics. If so is it available on your website?

Many thanks

Steve Athey

Artists Watercolour pigments chart

Hi Steve,

You can find the list of the pigments used for each of our colours and for each of our brands on our website Technical information section on the link below:

This is also the link to the pdf:

Kind regards,

Colour Chart

  • AWCColourChart.jpg

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