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Artist John Allsopp, & British troops


I,m a newbie..John Allsopp Self Publishing Artist Washington Tyne Wear..Tel. 0191 4162606

Queen Elizabeth 2nd limited edition Giclee canvas prints, Artist John Allsopp and British Soldiers

I recently captured Queen Elizabeth 2 in oil on canvas, my normal medium nowadays, with the intention to create Giclee, sell worldwide via website and donate a % from their sales to help for Hero's charity. They do a most sterling job helping our lads recover from their appalling injuries?

After all troops fight for Queen and country I thought it would be a fitting tribute to their ultra brave courageous work and a fitting tribute to our sovereign and her timeless work promoting my Country, The Great British Isle.

Queen Elizabeth 2 work started like all my concepts by a little resarch, when I say a little it can run into hours weeks or even days before I have a true picture of the forthcoming work of art.

With Daler Rowney pencil in hand I started to outline to the work, its perspective, size etc, using copious amounts of jpegs, video clips, magazine articles and pictures from various Royal family site throughout the world.

The completed work can be seen on my website, Initial numbers of 300 copies priced competitively at £295.00 are now available for sale, maybe we could push the boat a little further and maybe produce 500 copies, supply and demand ruling this last important point.

Comments, suggestions, appreciated.

John Allsopp

Telephone 0191 4162606

Mobile 07 903 336 038


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