Acrylic Mediums

Acrylic Mediums

It was only relatively recently, in the mid-20th century, that acrylic colours were developed to offer artists a new, vibrant and exciting painting alternative.

The versatility of acrylics and their immediate popularity soon led to the introduction of acrylic mediums, a range of products designed to enhance the benefits of acrylics and allow special effects to be achieved.



Artists’ White Gesso Primer
White Gesso Primer is a unique formulation which needs no dilution. Highly adhesive, ideal for directly sealing all semi-absorbent surfaces before applying colour – both acrylics and oils. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It dries quickly to produce a matt white surface, with a slight tooth, which is easily sanded for highly detailed work.
– 250ml pot  Code 128 250 006
– 500ml pot  Code 128 500 006
– 1 litre  Code 128 010 006
– 5 litre  Code 128 050 006

Artists’ Black Gesso Primer
Black Gesso Primer has the same characteristics as White Gesso and is applied in the same way. If used as a ground for acrylics, one coat is normally sufficient, but up to three coats may be required for oil colour.
– 250ml pot  Code 128 250 013
– 500ml pot  Code 128 500 013
– 1 litre  Code 128 010 013

System 3 Gesso Primer
Specially developed as a low-cost primer for use as a ground for acrylic and oil painting. It is ideal as a base for any large-scale work where primer is required – for example large paintings, scenery and murals. System 3 Primer may be used on masonry, but not exterior wood surfaces.

– 1 litre pot  Code 127 100 012
– 2.25 litre pot  Code 127 025 012
– 5 litre pot  Code 127 500 012

Graduate Gesso Primer
This student-quality Graduate Gesso Primer has been specially formulated to provide a good value option, and is ideal for use to prime large surfaces in internal environments. For indoor use only.
- 1 litre pot  Code 122 301 006
- 3.78 litre (1 gallon) pot  Code 122 337 006
- 5 litre pot  Code 122 305 006



Texture Paste
A thick paste which is used to build up heavy layers of texture. It dries to a matt white finish which is ideal for painting over with acrylic colour.
– 250ml pot  Code 128 250 017
– 500ml pot  Code 128 500 017
– 1 litre pot  Code 128 010 017

System 3 Heavy Bodied Medium
Thickens System 3 acrylic colours for heavy impasto brush or knife work. Add small amounts of the medium to System 3 colour until the required consistency is achieved. Drying time of colour will be slightly slower, with minimal effect on the lustre.
- 75ml tube  Code 128 075 016

Impasto Gel Medium Matt
This white, translucent, heavy-bodied gel provides a cost-effective means of covering large areas with impasto colour when mixed with pure acrylic colour. Mixtures of Matt Impasto Gel with acrylic colour will dry to an eggshell matt finish. Just as with pure colour, the gel mixture will retain brush and knife marks, and have the same thick texture. 
– 75ml tube  Code 128 075 116
– 500ml pot  Code 128 500 016

Impasto Gel Medium Gloss
As with Matt Impasto Gel Medium, it provides a cost-effective alternative for large area coverage with a glossy finish. The colours become more transparent and glossy as more medium is added to the colour. Drying times will be slowed down, but not significantly, and it may take a day or more for the full gloss to develop.
– 75ml tube  Code 128 075 015
– 500ml pot  Code 128 500 015



Shimmering Colours (Interference Mediums)
Available in six colours: Shimmering Gold, Copper, Violet, Red, Blue and Green. Used straight from the tube and applied to a black surface they produce a magical shimmering, metallic, transparent lustre. The most dramatic effects are on black, where colour shows with electric intensity.
– Gold  Code 128 075 709
– Violet  Code 128 075 710
– Blue  Code 128 075 711
– Copper  Code 128 075 712
– Red  Code 128 075 713
– Green  Code 128 075 714

Shimmering Colours Set
Gives a shimmering pearlescent metallic lustre when mixed with pure acrylic colour.
- Code 128 900 125

Special Effects Set
Creates dramatic effects for fine art and crafts. Contains 75ml tubes of Impasto Gel (Matt and Gloss), Glaze Medium (Gloss), Pearlescent Tinting Medium and Slow Drying Gel.
- Code 128 900 100

Pearlescent Tinting Medium
Gives a shimmering pearlescent metallic lustre when mixed with pure acrylic colour.
– 75ml  Code 128 075 118


Flow Enhancer
A colourless liquid that is added to acrylic colour to reduce its viscosity and enhance its flow. Flow Enhancer is best added directly to colour in small quantities until the desired flow characteristics are achieved.
– 75ml bottle  Code 128 075 008

Slow Drying Gel
Slows down the drying time of acrylic colour. Slow Drying Gel is added directly to the paint and thoroughly mixed on the palette.
– 75ml tube  Code 128 075 009

Decoupage Medium (Craft Seal)
Specially formulated as a clear gloss medium with adhesive properties for papier mache, collage and decoupage, or as a final water-resistant sealant for all manner of craft work including stone, wood, card and paper.
– 75ml bottle  Code 128 075 026
– 300ml jar  Code 128 300 026


Glaze Medium Gloss
A white translucent cream which increases the flow and transparency of acrylic colour to facilitate the production of fine glazes which will dry to a glossy finish. Drying times will be slower and transparency and gloss will develop fully as the colour dries.
– 75ml tube  Code 128 075 119
– 250ml pot  Code 128 250 019
– 1 litre pot  Code 128 010 019

Glaze Medium Matt
Just like Glaze Medium Gloss, but dries to the same eggshell matt finish as the pure acrylic colour.
– 75ml tube  Code 128 075 114
– 250ml pot  Code 128 250 014
– 1 litre pot  Code 128 010 014


Soluble Varnish Matt
Specially developed for the protection of acrylic works from environmental pollutants which can cause surface degradation. Sealing the surface with varnish provides a barrier film which can be cleaned or removed, but leaves the paint itself unblemished.
– 75ml bottle  Code 128 075 007
– 300ml bottle  Code 128 300 007

Soluble Varnish Gloss
Has the same properties as Matt Varnish, but provides a glossy finish.
– 75ml bottle  Code 128 075 004
– 300ml bottle  Code 128 300 004



System 3 Screen Printing Medium
This medium slows down the drying of acrylic colour on the screen and reduces the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash out. The medium can be thinned with water. System 3 Acrylic Colours retain great density of colour even after mixing with medium and very substantial covering power can be achieved on paper, card and board without undue cockling.
– 250ml pot  Code 127 250 011
– 1 litre pot  Code 127 100 011
– 5 litre pot  Code 127 500 011

System 3 Textile Printing Medium
Textile Printing Medium has been developed for screen printing on fabrics. Mixed 1:1 with System 3 Colour, the medium remains open on the screen, gives strong colour, fine definition, and excellent colourfastness over 20+ washes.
– 250ml pot  Code 128 237 022
– 5 litre pot  Code 128 500 022

Screen Drawing Fluid
Screen Drawing Fluid is applied by brush directly to the screen to create the drawn image. It can be applied neat, but will probably require some dilution with water in areas with finer detail.
– 75ml  Code 128 007 020

Removable Screen Block for Screen Printing
Once the drawing fluid is dry, the entire screen surface is then blocked out with System 3 Removable Screen Block, applied by squeegee. Again, once dry, the previously drawn image is washed out in cold water to leave an open-mesh positive image ready for printing. The screens can be reclaimed after printing by washing out the screen block with hot water and soap. Screen Block should be kept upright and stored at normal room temperature.
– 250ml tin  Code 128 237 021
– 1 litre pot  Code 128 100 021

System 3 Acrylic Screen Printing Set  Code 129 900 900
– 41 x 55 cm wooden frame with high-quality mesh.
– 5 x 75ml System 3 Acrylic tubes
– 250ml System 3 Textile Printing Medium
– 250ml pot System 3 Screen Printing Medium
– 75ml bottle System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid
– 250ml System 3 Removable Screen Block
– Artist's apron



System 3 Block Printing Medium  Code 128 250 121

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Acrylic Glaze Mediums Matt & Gloss
Soluble Varnish Gloss & Flow Enhancer
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