Simon Fletcher by Professor Lynne Suo, Toronto University, 2010


Simon Fletcher by Professor Lynne Suo, Toronto University, 2010

An unapologetic europhile he is widely traveled and exhibited in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England and France. The inspiration for his work, in recent years, has extended to Morocco, India, Japan, but retains the classical European watercolour traditions at its core. A professional landscape designer, Fletcher is passionate about the possibilities for emotional reprieve in landscape and attends his brilliant watercolour palate and brushes with great intensity, flirting with abstraction at the edges of his paper yet never leaving the recognizable structures of his experience. His works have an appreciative audience in many parts of the world.

I do not wish to be left, like Kurtz, pondering “the horror, the horror.” I wish to remember what I love about this life. Give me a Fletcher landscape any day.


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