A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #8

May 23rd 2011

There has been quite a lot of personal stuff going on recently so my energies have been diverted elsewhere. Basically I've been house hunting. Things will still be quiet for a few more weeks yet as I will be away on holiday.

Retro Owl - Tina MacnaughtonAdditionally, my Little Hedgehog picture book series (5 in total so far) is still selling very well in many countries, to the point where we are doing a novelty book special to expand the brand. It will be shorter than a regular picture book but will have other features like LED lights and texture flocking somewhere. Though there is considerable technical stuff the designers have to do before handing anything over to me. Plus, the story is not quite ready yet either. I have been given a rough outline of the story which I have done some sketches for to help inspire the author and publisher. They need to scan them so they can e-mail them to her.

Additionally we are talking about the long-term growth of Little Hedgehog into different types of publications and gift sets. Though all that is slow burn stuff and requires considerable research before moving forward, it could be quite exciting. Argh, that golden goose of merchandising that we dream about.

I have had to let my agent know I will want to be in their catalogue again so I will have to think about what work I want to be presented in it. It is usually a good idea to always put any new work in as well as keep some older work.

Other than that it is a good time to work on ideas and experiment. Have a look at my retro owl! Not sure if this style works or not yet. Though it's fun to try!

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