A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #4

January 17th 2011

The full size rough drawings for the Little Tiger book have progressed well and are now almost complete after some late nights. See the sketch of the little harvest mouse to the right. I could not resist putting in some insects that are not in the text as visual extras. I now have only two spreads to do and then they will be finished, after which I can scan and e-mail them to the publisher. While I am waiting for them to come back with comments, and there will be many comments and changes, I can get on with artwork for the Scholastic book. I will have to fit both in and around each other so I can keep all clients happy.

Meanwhile the Christmas card designs for WHSmiths turned out well. I managed to find some time to do two full size pencil roughs and tiny thumbnail sketches for the other two cards. I wrote some blurb on what I was intending to do and attached a scan of some artwork I did recently that has the right feel I was aiming for and sent it off in the vague hope that it would be enough. The good news was that they liked it, but with some changes. So instead of square it is now round and simplified. Today I heard back on the amendments and they would like me to do the two thumbnail ideas to full size roughs and colour one of the approved designs for this Friday. I just hope I can find the time to do justice to all three clients' jobs, but hey, that is a freelancer's lot in life.



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