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This is the ultimate art resource centre for aspiring and established artists alike. Choose from the many options in the menu and find exciting information to explore your creativity. By joining our community you will have full access to all our projects, videos, tips & techniques, post topics in our forum, make comments on the blog, post your paintings in the gallery and receive our newsletter. This centre for art resources is updated regularly with new projects, tips & techniques and videos.

Experiment with Texture

Have you always wondered how to create amazing effects on a painting? Soraya French gives you all the tips you need to achieve perfect textures and shapes. Everybody can find their own happiness with simple things.

Deep Blue Purple Background For Bright Red Poppies

From random brushstrokes and without any preliminary drawing, learn how to transform undecided forms into gorgeous flowers with a vibrant background.

Abstract painting with geometric forms

Would you like to draw geometric forms but without any specific aim? It is fully possible with this Soraya French step-by-step guide.

Venice at Noon

Create the illusion of a horizon where the dark land borders the gorgeous sea by using soft and oil pastels, System 3 colours and Designers' Gouache. Soraya French explains how to merge yellow, blue and purple...

Textured Abstract on canvas using inks and acrylic colours

It is time for you to express your artistic creativity. The results of this painting will depend on the way you think and behave whilst creating this piece. The tips are there to advise you on the use of inks, pastels and acrylics but it’s up to you to do the rest.

Still Life With Fruits Using Mixed Media Techniques

Let’s begin together by drawing the composition of fruits on a watercolour board. The magic of bright colours reveals itself in the next stages.

Semi-abstract autumn leaves

Soraya French proposes that you mix real leaves, Cryla and System 3 colours with pastels on watercolour paper to obtain a semi-abstract autumn scenery. Follow the step-by-step instructions and create the painting in your own way.

Spring Beauty Caught In Watercolours

Spring reminds you of fields full of flowers, children running around and such inviting weather. Let’s follow Soraya French’s guide and recreate this atmosphere by using watercolours.

Light and Shadow on the Seashore with System 3 Acrylics

A beautiful painting with strong colours and tones is presented by Roger in this step-by-step guide. A combination of System 3 Acrylic colours and System 3 brushes will enable you to create effects such as the sea waves crashing on rocks, the foam and the sand mixing together...

Georgian Oil for Nature & Waterfall Painting

All you need is some Georgian Oil colours and brushes and then you can start working on this painting. Roger gives you guidance, step-by-step, to achieve a lovely natural landscape. You will learn how to mix the different colours...

Aquafine – Discover the Art of Watercolour

Learn how to create a seascape scene by following the step-by-step instructions, using the same materials as the artist herself. You are provided with a short description of the painting and the artist’s inspiration, followed by a list of materials needed to achieve this painting in the best way.

Designers' Gouache - My Medium of Choice

by Robbie Graham

A lesser known water-based paint is gouache, yet this medium has evolved from centuries ago. Gouache was used in the 14th Century, when it was used to create the most beautifully illustrated manuscripts.

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