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Big cats and birds! Art in Gouache by Robbie Graham

I have always enjoyed art but not really painted seriously until the last few years. I have always been attracted to wild animals. Sharing time with them has always been a privilege and as a resident of Kent, ‘The Garden of England’, I am lucky to get the opportunity to meet the wildlife quite often.

How I compose, shade or sharpen the focus of a drawing?

Get some tips from Mike to Compose, Shade or Sharpen the Focus of a drawing with his 3 new drawing lessons.

Billy - The birth of a painting

Get some tips on how to paint a cat with Julie's new step-by-step guide!

How I Draw Hair

How I draw hair Hair comes in many shapes, sizes, twists, colors and turns. This is true for hair on people and on animals. As a result, drawing hair is difficult. How do I draw hair?

Clean Colour Mixing

Colour Wheel

Colour mixing is a complex subject area, but mostly artists just want to produce clean mixes from base colours. The following is a guide for how to do this. If the principles of what is described below are followed for any colour mix, then ‘muddy’ colours will be a thing of the past!

NEWA and Kat Davies 12 pencil challenge!

Lapwing Study in pastel pencil by Kat Davies

For a topical exercise and a bit of fun, I thought I would create a four step demonstration of a little study in pastel of a lapwing (the bird which features in the NEWA logo). I decided to make it a ‘12 pencil challenge’ by using the Daler-Rowney set of 12 Artists' Pastel Pencils alone.

SHIMMERING COLOURS – An iridescent nautilus shell on a black canvas

 Nautilus Shell  Learn how to create a nautilus shell by following the step by step instructions, using shimmering colours and a black canvas.
Use the guidelines for each step combined with your own creativity to generate your very own shimmering artwork.

Soft Pastels - My Medium of Choice

My medium of choice is soft pastel and the reason for this is mainly due to my publisher. When I first approached them I had a mix of styles, as I was not sure which style would take off. In there was pen and ink, watercolour and digital images.

Water Flowing Under the Bridge in a Quiet Village

Watercolour and acrylics are combined in this stunning country scene to show the diversity of the landscape. Shaded areas are obtained by taking off some excess colour...

A Walk Along The Canal

From the very detailed elements to the rougher lines of the sketching step, you will discover a charmingly harmonised scene. Recreate the atmosphere by following the tips...

The Eye of the Tiger

With the intense glance of the animal, deep background and strong colours, this is a truly eye-catching painting. Here are the key points of how to achieve this painting. Create a large range of colours to apply to the different elements: water, tiger coat, eyes and tongue etc...

Dazzling Flowers Immortalised in a Still Life Painting

On a strong deep background we can really admire how these fresh flowers are so full of life. For once, let’s start with the central element of the painting; the flowers and leaves...

White Horses – Creating Movement

Achieve a beautiful painting by using the various watercolour techniques, such as painting wet on wet, wet on dry and removing excess colour..

A Harbour Scene Painted with Authenticity and Clarity

From an authentic photo, recreate the atmosphere of boats floating in the harbour alongside the local residences and restaurants. Select an interesting area of the photo and start your painting with the sketching step.

A Country Pub Created With The Lightness Of Watercolours

Create a common landscape with precise details using Aquafine watercolour products. Vary the intensity of the colours and the precision of the details on different parts of the painting and see how this becomes coherent by following the step-by-step guide.

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