Aquafine Watercolour

Aquafine Watercolour

Aquafine offers brilliant, transparent, free-flowing watercolours ideal for students and hobbyists alike. All colours are traditionally manufactured in England, and stem from Daler-Rowney’s heritage as a world reference in watercolour since the 19th century when Rowney worked with Turner as his official lithographer.

The full range of 37 Aquafine colours gives rich, free-flowing transparent colour, with excellent tinting strength and working properties. All colours can be used to produce beautiful and delicate washes.

37 colours

– 8ml tube  Code 131 008 •••
– Half Pan  Code 131 016 •••

••• When specifying colour, quote tube size code (above) followed by the colour number from the colour chart.



Aquafine Starter Set  Code 131 900 777
6 x 8 ml tubes of Aquafine watercolour.

Aquafine Whole Pan Set  Code 131 900 888
Contains 12 whole pans of Aquafine watercolour and brush. Box with unique design features.

Aquafine Pocket Set  Code 131 900 000
Contains 12 half pans of Aquafine watercolours and brushes. Box with unique design features plus thumb ring.

Introduction to Water Colour  Code 131 900 555
Contains 12 x 8 ml tubes of Aquafine watercolour.

10 Tube Slider Set  Code 131 900 025
This set contains 10 x 8 ml Aquafine tubes and brush.

20 Half Pan Slider Set  Code 131 900 026
Contains a selection of 20 Aquafine half pans and brush.

Tube & Half Pan Slider Set  Code 131 900 027
A selection of 18 Aquafine half pans and 2 x 8 ml Aquafine tubes (Chinese White & Ivory Black) and brush.


Metal Box Sets

12 Half Pan Metal Box  Code 130 900 524
A fine selection of Aquafine Watercolour half pans. The metal box also features two mixing palettes.

24 Half Pan Metal Box  Code 131 900 444
A metal box set containing 24 Aquafine quality half pans.

12 Half Pan Metal Box  Code 131 900 333 (Not available in the UK)
A metal box set containing 12 Aquafine quality half pans.

Aquafine 8ml Rowney Orange, Permanent Rose, Vermillion (Hue) and Lemon Yellow
Aquafine 8ml Viridian (Hue), Cobalt Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Lamp Black
Aquafine Half Pans

Colour Chart

  • watercolours-aquafine.gif

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