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Process Colours
Both System 3 ranges include process colours, enabling four-colour, half-tone screen printing. Nowadays, film separations can be made using straightforward and readily available computer-aided graphics. The resulting photographic stencils are transferred to the printing screen, enabling three or four colour process printing. System 3 process colours also make excellent primary mixing colours.

System 3 Brushes
Painting with System 3 calls for easy-to-use, resilient and durable brushes which hold large quantities of colour. The uniform thickness of the System 3 brushes’ soft synthetic filaments gives great snap and perfect spring for acrylic painting. Soft, dark-tipped synthetic filaments and black aluminium ferrules combine with a yellow handle to give this brush style, affordability, flexibility and comfort. The ergonomic handle is short and well-balanced, preventing fatigue even after hours of painting.

All System 3 brushes come with a lifetime guarantee and are sized from 3/0 upwards.

SY85- Round
Used for touching in small areas, fine detailing and applying well-thinned colour. A large-sized Round makes laying broad washes over a large area a pleasure.

SY55- Short Flat
For excellent colour control, perfect with thick creamy paint and for thick lines, the wide brush edges are ideal for detailed work in thin lines and corners.

SY21-Long Flat
This sharp, square-edged brush holds plenty of colour for continuous, long strokes and facilitates a good paint flow. If used flat, it is ideal for laying broad washes and thick strokes. At the same time, the sharp edge is excellent for thin lines.

With an oval-shaped and gently pointed head, this brush has the versatility of both a round and a flat brush, and is a must for strong, tapered strokes.

SY278-Sky Flow
An extra wide flat brush, the chisel edge holds plenty of colour for precise stroke work over large areas, and is ideal for mural painting.

System 3 Acrylic Paper
System 3 acrylic pads have been developed specifically for use with System 3 colours. In addition, its remarkable irregular linen textured surface offers the ideal tooth for painting with all acrylic colours. Available in A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes.

StayWet Palette for Acrylic Painting

In some circumstances, the advantages offered by fast drying colours become a disadvantage. For these occasions, the Daler-Rowney StayWet palette is ideal. Working by osmosis, it keeps acrylic colours moist and workable, enabling artists to paint all day with their colours uncovered. When not in use, the palette is covered with its lid and the reservoir topped up to keep the colours moist, to save previously mixed colours for another day, and to reduce waste.

System 3 Sets
A wide variety of sets with different tube sizes is available in both System 3 Original and Heavy Body to allow the artist to assemble a broad range of colours on their palette in an affordable way. The sets also allow for experimenting with new ideas using different products, such as process or heavy body colours.

Screen Printing
System 3 Acrylic Printing Medium is specially formulated for use with System 3 Original. The two combine to produce economical, low-odour, water-based screen printing ink which is regarded worldwide as the finest of its kind and, being solvent-free, is ideal for use in schools, studios and at home. Printing Medium slows down on-screen drying of acrylic colour, reducing the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash out. Screens, kept moist, will wash out easily with soap and water. The medium can be thinned with water. Even after mixing with Printing Medium, System 3 Original colours retain great density of colour, and very substantial covering power can be achieved on paper, card and board without undue cockling.

If printing on textiles, System 3 Textile Printing Medium should be mixed in roughly equal quantities with System 3 Original colours. The medium performs very well on cotton, cotton mixes, most natural fibres, silk and synthetics.

Blue System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid is applied by brush directly to the screen to create a drawn image. It can be applied neat but often requires some dilution with water in areas with finer detail. Once dry, the entire screen surface is blocked out with System 3 Removable Screen Block, which is applied with a squeegee. After drying, the drawn image is washed out in cold water to leave an open-mesh positive image ready for printing. After printing, screens can be reclaimed by softening up the block with very hot water then vigorously washing out the Screen Block with a suitable brush and a very strong soap solution such as undiluted washing-up liquid. Screen Block should be kept upright and stored at normal room temperature.

Découpage and Papiér Mâché
System 3 colours can be mixed with Daler-Rowney Découpage Medium in order to give greater flexibility and increased gloss and transparency to colours. This medium is a clear gloss liquid with adhesive properties for use in collage, papier mâché and découpage, or as a final water-resistant sealant for all manner of craft works including stones, wood, card and paper. For stunning, vibrant colours, apply System 3 colours to the treated paper or surface.

Mixed Media
System 3 colours can be used successfully in combination with many other media. They can be used for undercoat-painting before using other colours such as oils, pastels or FW or Calli acrylic inks. Daler-Rowney Artists’ pencils, charcoal, pastels and coloured crayons can also be worked over the surface of System 3 acrylics. If required, fixing can be achieved in the normal way.

Brushes: All System 3 acrylic colours can be washed from brushes using water and household soap or domestic washing-up liquid. Never allow colour to dry on the brush; once it is dry, it can only be removed with considerable difficulty!

Silk screens: Screens should be cleaned immediately with soap and water. After long print runs, colour can be removed with the application of neat System 3 Acrylic Printing Medium. Never allow acrylic colours to dry hard on the screen.

Clothes: Immediately remove excess paint and apply liberal quantities of soap and water. Machine wash as soon as possible. This will minimise damage but is unlikely to remove all staining!

In cases of extreme difficulty, try cleaning dried paint with Ethyl Alcohol (surgical spirit). Most of the colour may be removed, but textiles often remain stained and the alcohol may cause damage.


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