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Spraying soluble matt varnish

I'm getting problems with smear like streaks when brush painting this varnish over dark colours. The bottle I'm using has been mixed very careful and throughly. I've decided I'd like to try airbrushing it to see if that will avoid the streaks. I have good brush and compressor and have bought high grade white spirit to thin it with.

The bottle says thin 1 part thinner to 4 parts varnish. That seems thick to me. Are there any tips regarding the use of this varnish, either to avoid the streaks when brush painting or for the most successful spray application?

Thanks in advance

Varnish tips

In order to avoid brush marks, use a broard flat headed brush and always go in one direction, try to go over in one stroke and make sure it has got soft bristles and not thick hog type bristles. Always dry flat. Always make sure your painting is fully dry before you varnish.
Before you varnish always do a sample first. The direction you varnish may effect the way the light hits the paint, although this should be less of a problem with a matt varnish.
If you are going to spray finish, do tests first, airbrushing takes practice.
Always follow the recommendations on the packaging, but everybody has there own prefferences, so experiment with the thinner quantities on test pieces, if you think it is too thick. Too much thinner may effect the varnish stability and the paint underneath. Always mix thoroughly, perhaps by decanting into a jar and shaking.
As you may have picked up, I cant stress enough, that practice makes perfect. So always try first on a test piece, as it would be a shame to ruin a picture in its final stage.
Hope this helps.

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