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Ooooh !

Hi all! I've just joined this site.
I took early retirement from my job as an Art Therapist in the NHS. Originally did my art training in the early 1970s but after a lifetime of facilitating others in their creative expression,  I'm happy to say it's my time now . I even have a studio and workshop now so it's much easier to leave things out that I'm working on.
I love using all types of mediums for my art. My subject matter is mainly 'otherworldly' angels, mermaids, mythological and imaginary creatures. I also like to use special effects in my art work, but I'll leave it for others to discover what they might be as I love it when my art gets the ''Wow'' factor when a surprise is uncovered. I work in traditional ways but am always embracing the opportunities of 'new things out' to see how I can integrate them into my artwork. 
The most exciting thing for me is that I have total freedom in creating my art as I'm doing it for pleasure and therefore I do what I REALLY WANT TO DO and don't have to please anybody else!! Can't be better than that now  can it? 
I'm still in the habit of sketching around the town or wherever I go, as well as taking lots of photographs, especially of flowers and they're really the only resources I use, as originality and my own imagination is what's important to me and as I prefer to call it, gifts of the spirit.
I don't have a website but I have started a page that you're welcome to visit.

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