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Mountboard colour


I have been looking for suitable colour mountboard for framing my prints and originals and could not find a good blue/green turquoise or golden yellow. There is nothing particularly turquoise in the range, yet I would have thought it would be popular especially with seascapes. If I were to mix it on my pallette I would use cerulean with aerolin or viridian. I paint on the Isles of Scilly and it would suit our light and colours. I am sure those in Cornwall would find the same. I think grey colours have declined in popularity, (in my gallery anyway). Yet there seems to be more greys than bright colours in the daler range today. Perhaps it is time for daler to review their range? I have decided to order primrose yellow to see what that is like, but something between that and sunflower yellow would be better. It would also be handy to have larger samples, it is difficult to sometimes judge the colour with a small sample. I not posting these comments as a criticism of Daler I have always had excellent service and Jim has always been helpful, just trying to be constructive!

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