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help with simply...watercolours paints

I was at Wal-Mart and found this box of 12 watercolor paints (tubes, simply watercolours) but there's no explanation as to how they are used. I'm new to watercolor painting. Do I paint directly from the tubes (water already added) or do I need to add water in order to paint. Sorry for the silly question but like I said I'm new and know absolutely nothing about them. Just wanted to give it a go.




Thanks for your question.

It would be ideal to add some water to however you want the paint to thin out, the great thing about painting, is it is your choice on how much water you want with the paint, I've never tried painting straight from tube, but im sure it wouldn't ruin your painting, it simply depends on what effect you are trying to make.

Add a small part of water to your palette, and then if you feel you need more once mixed with the paint, slowly add a few more drops.

Hope this helps!


Absolutely it helps. Like I said before, I know absolutely nothing about this stuff so any info is great. Will try your suggestion.

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