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Hi everybody,

My name's Yvonne and I have a problem. A few days ago I bought Daler Rowney Water Soluble Block Printing Colours (3 22ml tubes) and the woman in the shop told me it was okay for painting my shoes (Allstars). I was being stupid and believed her. The day after that I painted a sun on one of my shoes and while I was doing that, my mother took a closer look at the paint and saw it wasn't at all suitable for my shoes. We had a few arguments with the shop where I bought the paint, but they weren't being nice to us at all. So now I have one shoe with a little yellow sun on it, but I won't be able to wear it because the paint will vanish when it rains. My mother and I have tried to wash it out but this only resulted in an even bigger mess. Does any of you know what I should do? Is there any simple way of washing it out of the shoe?? HELP!!

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