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This (discontinued?) watercolour is not listed in the charts-what pigment(s) are used????

Hi! I just purchased a Rowney Artists' Watercolour, Number 405, Series D, titled "Cobalt Violet". I'm trying to figure out if this is a single pigment paint (since the title of the tube could mean anything at all) or if it is a mixture of 2 or more pigments. There is such a pigment called 'cobalt violet' which is V49, but I can't confirm that this is the pigment used in #405,.  Since I can't find Number 405 at all, I'm guessing that this paint is discontinued. Could anybody solve this mystery? What's inside my tube of paint? Is it an older version of Rowney's Cobalt Magenta, Number 407, V14? I hope so. I hope it's not a mixture of Cobalt Blue and Quina Rose or Dioxine Violet.  Thanks so much for reading this post and for any responses. 'bye, Earnest. P.S. I've been dribbling tube paints into empty watercolour pans all day, and I just poured this mystery paint into a sure has the (now familiar) cobalt aroma! At least I 'know' its not a Quina or Thio or Dioxine Violet.

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