Look out for Daler-Rowney’s new Artist Trading Cards - Available in shops from June 2012!

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What are they?  ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) are limited editions or small series of self-produced original pieces of artwork which artists trade with other artists.  The cards can be of any type of paper or card, but they have to be 2.5”x3.5” (64mmx89mm). They must be traded for other cards and are never sold.  The cards must be signed and dated on the back and must be flat enough to fit into a standard plastic card trading sleeve. 

Who are they for?  ATC  forums are open to absolutely everyone with no limitations on the type of media used or the style of the small artwork. The attraction for many is that the concept is an easy and quirky way for artists to share art with others without necessarily receiving comments or critique from others.

How do you trade ATC’s? ATC’s are intended to be swapped between artists who meet in person, most commonly during trading sessions or swap meetings which happen constantly in many cities around the world. There is no one location to find information about trading sessions, but a good start is to search Google for ATC trading sessions in your local city; there are also forums so you can trade your cards over the Internet.

What can you do with them?   1) Chose your card  2) Create your art   3) Trade with friends and family!

Trading card drawing      Trading card drawing cat

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