Daler-Rowney embraces Chinese


Daler-Rowney embraces Chinese

The sustained growth of Daler-Rowney’s activities in China has led the company to develop an official Chinese name.

There are several aims behind this; firstly to avoid confusion through multiple versions of the Daler-Rowney name circulating in the country - for example at the moment Daler-Rowney is either reduced to ‘Georgian’ or mispronunciations of the ‘R’ as an ‘L’ leading to incorrect translations.
Secondly, to give a visually attractive and true meaning to the name and be easily and accurately used in conversation.
Thirdly, to enable the Chinese to correspond freely about Daler-Rowney, as many still find it difficult to insert English words into Chinese documents.
Finally, to allow Daler-Rowney to produce meaningful and attractive Chinese documents such as brochures, signage and other informational material.

With these objectives in mind, the Daler-Rowney team approached an expert Chinese literati, well-versed in the English language, to give a Chinese soul to Daler-Rowney.

The written Chinese language uses characters to represent a concept or idea. The method used to derive a name in Chinese writing for many foreign names is to find Chinese symbols which sound like the name when pronounced in English with the meanings embedded in each symbol to be as close as possible to the name.

The 4 characters chosen for the Chinese name for Daler-Rowney were selected on the following criteria:

  • The pronunciations of the characters in Putonghua (Standard Chinese used across China) matches the sound of the name in English
  • In symbolism, the 4 words convey the meaning of “the Joys of Colours” with a “Dark black/green” which is the colour of the Daler-Rowney Logo


Pinyin (Sound): Dai
Meaning: A dark green/black pigment. Symbolises beauty, this word is used in the name of the heroine in the Chinese Classic “The Romance of the Red Chamber”


Pinyin (Sound): Le
Meaning: Joy



Pinyin (Sound): Rao
Meaning: To wind around


Pinyin (Sound): Ni
Meaning: The colours of the rainbow

Daler-Rowney’s full name is:

meaning “Colourful and Joyous Pigments”

The shortened version of the name is:

which means “Joyous Pigment”.

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