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Daler Rowney

Daler-Rowney is renowned for its reputation as a world leading fine art materials supplier. Our unique heritage and expertise has positioned our brands and products in front of fine artists, students, professional designers and leisure artists for 225 years. Our portfolio of products in colour, pads, brushes and canvas are universally regarded as the most comprehensive range available in the market today offering the artist and customer unrivalled choice and quality.

The Daler-Rowney logo has seen a recent refresh and reflects the new dynamism within the company. With a straight, strong and solid typeface the traditions of the two previous companies are joined in the middle by a diamond. An extremely hard and valuable stone, the diamond represents the outline of a layered drawing surface with the new addition of a modern colour palette. Artists need look no further than the diamond for their artistic and inspired creations.

In order to offer unrivalled choice and quality, the process of manufacture, sale and delivery of our products heralds from 6 sites. Our global headquarters, colour manufacture, UK and Export Sales from Bracknell, England with additional sales operations in Cranbury NJ, Paris and Belgium. In addition to our colour manufacture in Bracknell we have a manufacturing site for our artists substrates products in Wareham, England and brush manufacture in the Dominican Republic.


Time honoured processes are a cornerstone in the manufacture of fine artists materials and within the company there is vast respect for the traditional techniques that come together to create our products. 2 families honed their skills for 2 centuries to deliver their products to 5 continents. Every-day we embark on improving our skills and processes in manufacture, quality control and supply chain to support the timely delivery of our existing portfolio and new product launches. We are renowned for our product innovation in what is a traditional market and we intend to build on our strengths further.Our brands are leaders in their field. System 3 and Cryla acrylics are colours of choice to students and professional artists around the world. Our understanding and expertise in this area positions us strongly for the demands of the artist and market of the future. Our colours touch the lives of artists in every step of their artistic journey from early childhood drawings to abstract canvases to adorn walls. We endeavour to inspire artists of all ages and open up new opportunities for their need to create.

Many of our customers are passionate artists themselves and inspire and support artists every day in their choice of materials. We are also passionate about our products and services and hold strong relationships with artists, colleagues and customers. Every day, artists from around the world are introduced to the Daler-Rowney product portfolio and quickly understand and appreciate that we have a product performance that can be trusted upon time and time again. Every day there are also artists from around the world who have been using our products for a lifetime who inspire our passion further.

2008 marks our 225th year and to herald this new chapter in our history we are inspiring creativity amongst ourselves and outwards into the market itself. We are sure you will not fail to notice. To inspire in others we needed to understand the essence of creativity itself. We believe creativity is having the courage to try something new and to look at things in a different way. This is a daily challenge we set ourselves and also for the artists who love to create with our products.

Inspiring creativity since 1783.

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