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Watercolour on Canvas 51 x 51 cm

UN World Water day March 22nd 2009

Wow Rustica, This has to be

Wow Rustica,

This has to be my favourite piece from you.

It feels like a very powerful painting not only in the political aspect, but the colours and definition used.

Keep it up, i am very impressed.

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind comment... decided to take it at little further.

Ah yes, as i have

Ah yes, as i have noticed.

How do you create that Dripping effect down the painting? It is very nice.

Runs are

I paint vertically with Watercolour on an easel on Canvas runs are easy, controlling them is more difficult !


Well it is a very nice effect, im not too familiar with watercolour paintings, but do enjoy looking at them as i can imagine they are a tough skill to master.

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