A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #7

April 11th 2011

I have finally completed the two books. Both were delivered in batches which is not ideal, but when the publishers are desperate for artwork to mock up their books for the book fair this is quite often what happens.

I have now entered a quiet time work-wise, which is classically a time when I create new work/ideas, do my filing and tidy up stuff that has built up over the last 3 months. Plus, I will be chasing invoices and turning into a complete nag. I am also due to go up to Little Tiger Press for a meeting and lunch to discuss new projects in a few weeks' time. They are talking of expanding the 'Little Hedgehog' series into counting books or ABC books. Basically a brainstorm on how to expand the brand, which could be quite exciting. Additional excitement is that I am getting married next weekend so my mind is not exactly focused on work at the moment. So it is really good that work is quiet at the moment.

Finally, thank you to the prospective illustrators that have contacted me for advice, I will do my best to reply in full soon.

The illustration on the right of the three puppies is a scan of one of the board books artworks recently completed, albeit heavily cropped.



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