A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #2

November 26th

Just finished sketches for the main character for my new book after a bit of email ping pong with my publisher. Next step is to try out the character in colour. Check out my little harvest mouse to the left!

Other news is that I have just set up on my website to sell high quality 'gicleé' prints of my picture book illustrations. A designer friend helped me set it up. Claire found a website to advertise for quite a low monthly rate and wrote most of the blurb and then strong-armed her website designer husband Tony Wallace, of Green Bean Design to add an extra page to my website. With their help it all happened like grease lightning. Plus I found an excellent high-end printer in Wales to do the printing. Anyway after a lot of jiggery pokery it will be live in a few days. Fingers crossed!

I have also since my last blog agreed to do a novelty book with a large American publisher, of roughly 7 spreads and a cover art. Lots of cuddly animals and they will add some 'touch and feel' furry tabs at the side. Though the contract for this job has to be adjusted as the terms were a bit severe, i.e. they wanted to own the copyright. That is not appealing to me as one should never let go of one's copyright unless it's for a huge amount of cash, not for a regular fee. Anyway my agent is on the case to soften the contract so it is more illustrator-friendly. In the meantime I have done the pencil rough for the cover for the designer to play with. I had the choice of either puppies or kittens and as a dog lover I chose border collie pup and mum.

Finally got a royalty statement through and I have earned a little bit on two books I did some years ago, so I can invoice somebody today... Yay!

That's it for today.



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