A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #10

August 26th 2011

It has been a busy 4 weeks with family visits and work has been bumbling along nicely. Work on the Little Tiger special book based on the Little Hedgehog series has had some cutter guide amendments that the publisher had to tweak so I have had to wait for those to come back before I can carry on into full colour artwork. Two spreads have been done already though they have assured me that any change in position of the star cut outs can be done easily in photoshop. I am more than happy for them to do that as I don't fancy redoing the shooting stars as it would ruin the paper. Less work for me too.

 I had two job offers to illustrate some books, one was offering a good fee but I suspected they wanted to own the copyright. As a rule I never give up copyright for my pastel work as it is just too valuable a commodity to lose. Plus I don't like the idea of some other party having full control of my images or having a claim via that to any other future work. Since saying I don't give up copyright I have not heard anything more from them. No surprise there, but I don't understand why they need it if I give full publishing rights. This is not an isolated event as I have had this sprung on me before. There must be illustrators out there agreeing to terms like this, which is sad as they really have every right to say no. The industry needs illustrators to be tougher!
The second offer was a lovely brief from a Scottish company which appealed to my heritage but sadly being small, they did not have the budget. Maybe in the future things might be different for them. So in this instance my door is still open.

I also recently got back in touch with a small design think tank for TV, animation and character design whom I had done speculative work with back in the day when both myself and them were very new. An old project looks like it has been resurrected to be turned into an animated app for an iPad. Which will mean work on backgrounds and character design. So, fingers crossed it goes ahead. Plus they have also asked if I can do some character concepts as a daily rate sort of thing for a project for a foreign kids TV company. This is such a refreshing change from my usual work and appeals to the designer in me. They are all great fun to work with and very talented with one big kids TV success under their belt to boot. Really looking forward to working with them.

 Diktatos army ideas by Tina Macnaughton


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