Alex seen by Cherry Pickles, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, UWIC (University of Wales Institute Cardiff)


I first met Alex at Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic. I was doing a residency which included some teaching at the art school there. The Art School is extrordinary partly because it is residential and the course is intense. Alex grasped the opportunity to learn as much as possible through working all hours, talking to teachers, students, artists, and working in the library. He was an outstanding art student as well as being socially very adept and constantly curious about his surroundings . He is a very good linguist and seems able to strike up interesting conversations with a wide variety of people.

Although the Art School in Chavon is academically a very good school, it was not an obvious choice for a young aspiring artist from Sweden. He got there by a circuitous and, by most peoples standards, daring and risky route, first running a business in Edinburgh, then deciding to follow his dream and go to South America where he met artists who encouraged him to apply to Chavon.

Alex stayed an extra year in Chavon as a resident artist and the best librarian they have ever had and then decided to come to London partly through being offered a residency at Daler-Rowney.

Alex was accepted on the MA course in Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design at UWIC ( University of Wales Institute Cardiff) where I am senior lecturer but decided instead to get a studio and work in London. This was a good choice because, despite only having been in London for a few months, Alex has already staged a successful exhibition in Brixton showing drawings, paintings and sculpture/installation which he has made in the last few months in direct response to the visual and political stimulus of where he lives in London.

Much of the work in the exhibition has the look of something seen and felt at first hand. Some work is about the riots made from newspaper pictures which relate to the areas of London he knows and clearly cares about. He is particularly well suited to approach to racial issues because of his time in the Dominican Republic and the many friends he has there and from Haiti.

He has currently embarked on some very ambitious work with the wealth of space and materials he now has at his disposal in the Daler-Rowney factory.


Cherry Pickles
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

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