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What paint would best suit me?


i was looking for some advice

i have started painting on canvas and would like to achieve the look of bright colours as i am doing a pop art style of painting, i have tried af ew of the system 3 acrylics but find that i need several coats to get a good solid colour, is there a product that for say with red would only need one coat or is it always gonna be a case of multiple coats?

thanks for any advice offered



I think I emailed you a moment ago, but I'll post it here also!

If System 3 doesn't do it for you, then you could always 'upgrade' as it were, to Cryla Artists Acrylic, give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

never realised it was this

never realised it was this long ago when i made this post, how times passes and ideas get puched to the back.

anyway finally got the time to continue painting and have purchased soem cryla acrylis.

i want to be able to paint onto outlines and have done some test panels to see what is covered the best by the paint.

What i am finding is that the cryla acrylic is a lot thicker than the system 3 acrylics and wondered if i added water to the cryla, would this reduce the strongness of the colour?


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