Logan Mount Cutters

Logan Mount Cutters


The range of Logan Mount Cutters have these features in common:
– Boards are cut colour face down (except oval cuts)
– Blades are reversible and inexpensive (except oval)
– Guidelines allow zero overcuts on corners, giving a clean, neat finish
– 45 degree bevel gives a consistent professional quality
– Quality cut mounts are achieved with minimum practice
– Easy to follow instructions provided with every machine


Logan Blades:

- 270 Blades - pack of 10 - 804 020 310
- 324 Blades - pack of 20 - 804 020 320

The Logan 2000 Push-Style  Code 804 010 600
A quality ‘push-style’ hand-held cutter with select items to make mount cutting simpler. With a retractable blade and a start-stop indicator to control overcuts. Can be upgraded for use with Logan Adapt-a Rules or Compact cutting boards. Uses Logan 270 blade.


Logan Mount Cutter 2000 Push-Style

The Logan 4000 Deluxe Pull-Style  Code 804 010 500
An advanced hand-held cutter with pivot and pull blade action, start-stop indicator
and marker bar for accurate sizing of borders. Uses 270 blade.


Logan Mount Cutter 4000 Deluxe Pull-Style

Logan 3-Step Oval & Circle Mount Cutter Code 804 011 850
Easy to use, fast and portable, it cuts ovals and circles using a patented 3-step mechanism for gradual
increase of blade depth. Converts from oval to circle cutter at the turn of an adjustable screw.
Can cut single, double or even triple mounts with ease. Cuts ovals from 31/4" to 43/4" up to 20 x 23".
Circles with a diameter from 41/2". to 20". Excellent value for money. Uses 324 blade (pack of 20).


Logan 3-Step Oval & Circle

Logan Team System
A practical combination of straight-edge ruler and cutter provides an accurate yet inexpensive way of mount cutting. With a non-slip base and a scaled aluminium straight edge of either 24" or 40" in length,
it comes complete with a pre-adapted hand-held bevel mount cutter.
– Team System 1 (model 424)  Code 804 424 420
– Team System 2 (model 440)  Code 804 440 430
– Adapt-a-rail (24")  Code 804 124 400
– Adapt-a-rail (40")  Code 804 140 410


Logan Mount Cutter Team System

90 Straight Cutter Elite 701-1 - Code 804 010 711
With 3-position Easy-Slide blade depth setting. Equipped with a pivot action grip and includes 5 blades.
Works with most Logan mat-cutting systems. Uses 270 blade.

Straight Cutter Elite 701-1

Foam Board Cutter  Code 804 010 150
Adjustable blade depth allows for cuts up to 10mm for 90-degree or 45-degree angle cuts. Perfect for cutting foam board backing to size, shadow boxes and architectural work. Uses 492 blade (pack of 5).


Logan Foam Board Cutter

Logan Series 500 Knife  Code 804 010 610
Hand-held mat knife for straight cutting mount board and foam board with three depth settings up to 5mm thickness. Uses 270 blade.



Logan Series 500 Knife

Logan Compact Classic 350-1 - Code 804 111 301
Versatile and dependable, this mount cutter provides professional results with ease.
Includes a mat knife for downsizing and an instructional DVD as well as 5 blades.
Straight cuts up to 813mm can be made with the alternative head provided. Uses 270 blade.


Compact Classic 301-1

Logan Artists Elite Mat Cutter 450-1 - Code 804 011 450
Easy to use, accurate and value-priced mat-cutting system. Offers full size (101cm) capacity.
Cuts standard thickness (4 ply or 1.4mm) mat board only.
Contents: a mat guide for border widths 2cm to 14cm, a unique heavy-duty 'pull-style' bevel
cutting head with anti-crawl pin, a 51cm measuring bar for straight cutting with production stop
and adjustable depth pivoting straight cutter. Includes 2 guiderail stops for production cutting.


Artists Elite Mat cutter 450-1

Compact Elite Mat Cutter 350-1 - Code 804 010 350
Versatile item with a portable 32" (81cm) capacity mat cutter. Provides affordable and professional results. Features an open-ended guide rail allowing bevel cuts in mat boards of any size. Can downsize mat boards up to 32" (81.3cm).
Contents: a parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4" (1.9cm) to 4.5" (11.4 cm), a fully hinged guide rail to guide cutting heads, a scaled production stop, a built-in squaring bar for holding mat board square, a 'push-style' bevel cutting head with start and stop indicator, a 'pull-style' straight cutting head for downsizing mat board and foam board, a built-in carry handle in box, five extra blades, a free instructional DVD and a fully illustrated matting instruction guide.


Compact Elite Mat Cutter 350-1

The Logan 750 Simplex Plus  Code 804 070 750
This versatile mount cutter features dual guide rail stops, a 27" squaring arm, a parallel mount guide and a durable laminate board surface. The bevel cutting head features an ergonomic shape, patented blade slot, and anti-crawl pin to prevent the forward ‘creep’ of the cutting head. The straight cutting head has an ergonomic handle and three depth settings. Uses 270 blade.


Logan Mount Cutter 750 Simplex Plus

Replacement blades
For Logan bevel mount cutters and Logan 500 knife.
– Blades No 270 (Pack of 10) Code 804 020 310
– Blades No 269 (Pack of 100) Code 804 020 100



Mat Cutting Kit  Code 804 010 525
Everything you need to cut great mounts for picture framing. Includes a 64-page book written exclusively for Logan. Also a Logan 2000 mount cutter, 24" straight edge, Logan 500 Knife, 10 replacement blades, 10 x 10" by 8" assorted mount boards and decorative transfers. Uses 270 blade.


Logan Matt Cutting Kit
– Logan Mount Cutting Brochure Code 991 015 080




Being the world's first complete line of foamboard cutting and modeling tools! The FoamWerks line of foamboard tools allow anyone to cut foamboard easily and precisely. Now you can quickly create professional 3D models, craft projects, home decor, signs, framing, and much more. FoamWerks tools allow you to cut circles, straight lines, V-grooves, freestyle shapes, bevels, rabbet edges, drill holes, and more in foamboard and cellfoam.

Circle Cutter  Code 804 208 001
Freestyle Cutter  Code 804 206 020
V Groove Cutter  Code 804 202 001
Straight Cutter  Code 804 206 001
Straight Bevel Cutter  Code 804 206 010
Rabbet Cutter  Code 804 204 010
Hole Drill  Code 804 208 010
Channel Rail  Code 804 203 001
Accessory Kit  Code 804 205 001
A Blades (Pack of 25)  Code 804 200 125
B Blades (Pack of 25)  Code 804 200 225
C Blades (Pack of 25)  Code 804 200 325

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