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Hey, I am going to be starting my GCSE's in September and I have chosen art as one of my choices because its just amazing!
For the past year I have had an art tutor who has her own art/tutoring company, she is teaching me things I am not so confident on.

I just finished a still life piece of an arrangement of a Plant,Wine bottle,Becha,Glass flower bowl with onions in, A blue bowl with glass beads, Ladle and a tea towel. I had been drawing this particular picture with my tutor. She gave me the job to use watercolours to colour in the leaves of the plant and the blue bowl with beads in. Obviously I finished it because I was so attempted to see what it ended up like, my parents like it so much they got it framed and it is now hanging on the kitchen wall.

The things I am still not sure about are shading and toning, but I am getting better at that. I know there is going to be a lot of course work and a lot of hours for art GCSE but what could I do to make myself more organised and interested in the history of art and other art styles??

I love Daler Rowney's art products, I am going to the Daler Rowney shop in the summer to see the art and art products. I have never painted on an easel or canvas board before so I hoping I will be able to convince my Mum to buy me one :)

Love the website,
hope you can answer my question and give me some tips :D xx

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