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The Gallery Newsletter Feature

Hi Everyone, Just an update for you all. We are going to be featuring one piece of artwork into our Monthly Newsletter, which first issue is going to be released this month! It will be displayed as the Main Banner of the newsletter, thats right! It will be sent to every Daler Rowney website member, which is in the **,*** mark.

So start getting your creations up into the Forum Gallery Section!


The Stuff we have to tell you

•Any painting posted, must have been created by the user posting it.
•All art creations posted by users of the Daler-Rowney forum/website will be on agreement that Daler-Rowney can use their artwork for any useage. (Daler-Rowney will always state who created, and this normally will only apply for the newsletter feature/front page)
•Any inappropriate images posted will be automatically deleted, and the users account will also be terminated.

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