Oil Mediums

Oil Mediums

By its very nature, oil colour is incompatible with water and dissolves only in turpentine, white spirit or low-odour thinners. Artists' oil colours are made by dispersing pigments in an oil medium to create a smooth, slow-drying paint. 

The choice of oil mediums from the wide variety available depends on the surface and the finish required, and the working properties preferred during painting.


Dilutes oil colour to create thin, quick-drying washes in the early stages of painting. Also used to clean brushes.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 016
– 175ml  Code 114 017 016
– 300ml  Code 114 030 016
– 500ml  Code 114 050 016

Low-Odour Thinners
A low-odour alternative to turpentine, ideal when working in a confined space or for those artists who find turpentine too strong. Also used to clean palettes and brushes.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 024
– 175ml  Code 114 017 024
– 300ml  Code 114 030 024
– 500ml  Code 114 050 024



Purified Linseed Oil
Reduces the consistency of oil colour and slows down drying time. In its raw state, it gives colour a high gloss. Diluted 50/50 with turpentine or low-odour thinners, it creates an excellent medium for most types of painting.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 014
– 175ml Code 114 017 014
– 300ml  Code 114 030 014
– 500ml  Code 114 050 014

Painting Medium
An ideal all-purpose painting medium made of Linseed Stand Oil, White Spirit and Oil of Spike Lavender, which dries to a tough elastic film. Easy to handle, it’s a perfect oil painting medium for beginners, and creates an excellent glaze.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 700

Purified Poppy Oil
A clear oil medium to mix with and reduce light colours. Less inclined to yellow than Linseed Oil, but slower drying. Enhances gloss and flow, but too high a proportion prevents the colour from thorough drying. 
– 75ml  Code 114 007 017

Linseed Stand Oil
Reduces the consistency of oil colours and enhances flow. It is viscous and dries slowly to a tough elastic film. Faster drying than pure Linseed Oil. Reduces brush marks.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 015
Alkyd Flow Medium
Slightly thinner than Alkyd Gel, it increases the transparency and flow of oil colour, allowing paint to be brushed out more smoothly. Reduces drying time.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 022
– 175ml  Code 114 017 022
– 300ml  Code 114 030 022

Alkyd White
A quick-drying tube colour, which mixes freely with oil colour. Used like traditional oil colour titanium whites, it is especially useful for underpainting and final highlights in portrait work.
- 75ml  Code 114 075 023

Alkyd Gel Medium
Reduces the drying time of oil colours by up to 50%. Has minimal effect on working consistency of the paint, and produces a very durable glaze.
– 75ml  Code 114 075 013



Retouching Varnish
This versatile varnish is used to bring back the original paint quality of dry or dull oil. Retouching Varnish is reduced with solvents and is much thinner than final top coat varnishes.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 010
– 175ml  Code 114 017 010
– 300ml  Code 114 030 010

Artists’ Clear Picture Varnish
A removable picture varnish for a clear even gloss, which will not yellow or bloom. May be used on both oil and acrylic painting.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 800
– 175ml  Code 114 017 800
– 300ml  Code 114 030 800
– 500ml  Code 114 501 800
Artists’ Clear Picture Varnish Aerosol CFC free
A removable picture varnish for a clear even gloss, which will not yellow or bloom. When applied lightly by aerosol it makes an excellent Retouching Varnish. May be used on both oil and acrylic painting.
– 150ml  Code 114 150 801
– 400ml  Code 114 400 800

Damar Varnish
A removable picture varnish. Will give a low gloss when applied thinly. Damar dries hard and clear within a few hours. Removable with turpentine or white spirit.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 004

Matt Varnish
A removable varnish that dries to a matt finish. It can be mixed with Artist’s Clear Picture Varnish to give a range of semi-gloss surfaces. It is non-yellowing. Removable with turpentine or white spirit, and can be used to varnish oils or acrylics.
– 75ml  Code 114 007 002



Water Washable Oil Brush Cleaner
Contains natural oils, this solvent-free, low-odour, water-washable cleaner is ideal for cleaning oil brushes.
– 250ml  Code 114 250 030

White Gesso Primer
White Gesso Primer is a unique formulation which needs no dilution. Highly adhesive, it is ideal for directly sealing all semi-absorbent surfaces before applying colours – both acrylics and oils. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It dries quickly to produce a matt white surface, with a slight tooth, which is easily sanded for highly detailed work. To tint Gesso Primer use Cryla or System 3 colours.
– 250ml Pot  Code 128 250 006
– 500ml Pot  Code 128 500 006
– 1 Litre  Code 128 010 006
– 5 Litre  Code 128 050 006

Black Gesso Primer
Black Gesso Primer has the same characteristics as White Gesso and is applied in the same way. If used as a ground for acrylics one coat is normally sufficient, but up to three coats may be required for oil colour.
– 250ml Pot  Code 128 250 013
– 500ml Pot  Code 128 500 013
– 1 Litre  Code 128 010 013

Purified Linseed Oil and Linseed Stand Oil
Painting Medium and Alkyd Flow Medium
Artists Clear Picture Varnishes 75ml and 400ml
Low Odour Thinners

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