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Colour is brushed or knifed onto the painting surface to create your mark. The colour is a mixture of finely dispersed pigment in an emulsion of water and acrylic co-polymer. The acrylic emulsion can be thought of as sticky balls of acrylic co-polymer that want to join together, but are being held apart by the water.

Once Cryla Artists' Acrylic is exposed to the atmosphere the water in the colour starts evaporating into the environment. This allows the sticky balls of acrylic co-polymer, which were being held apart by the water, to start to join together. As they join together they trap the finely dispersed pigment particles between the sticky balls. The action of the sticky balls of acrylic co-polymer coming together forces more water out through a capillary action. Once all of the water has evaporated from the colour the sticky balls can fully join together fixing the pigment in place. With all the sticky balls of acrylic co-polymer joined together, they coalesce and form a matrix of acrylic co-polymer and pigment which is the final paint film.
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