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been experimenting with this uploading problem and wondered if anyone can see these??


Edited your post for you so you can show the pictures :)

On topic:

Very beautiful paintings, the detailing on the top one is simply brilliant.

What surface did you paint on?

uploading BLUE 1 & BLUE 2

wow - thankyou for doing that - you must be a computer wiz.... these paintings are of a friends pony called "Blue" so really they should be titled "blue 1&2" They were painted onto a board covered with that natural colour canvas as with him being almost white i thought it would show him off a bit better. These are actually quite poor copies of the originals which she has hung on her wall........... Detail has been lost in the process.

uploading BLUE 1 & BLUE 2

ps i really would like to know how you did that to my post, be great if you could let me know for next time. email me if you like

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