Sorry, we have had to block our forum due to spam. We are re-engineering our website and will re-open the section as soon as we can.

Terms and Conditions

Quote... •All art creations posted by users of the Daler-Rowney forum/website will be on agreement that Daler-Rowney can use their artwork for any useage.

Many Artists are going to have problems with this, and you do need Artists to get a lively forum going.


This currently is only in

This currently is only in regards to the newsletter we are producing.

In each newsletter we will be featuring one painting from the forum with a link to it, and mentioning the forum user.

We will review this and will see if we can just state that it will only be used for the newsletter.


We are looking to make the forum alot more active.


Thanks for the clarification Rob

It is difficult to post at present without feeling a little uneasy about hogging the forum.

Haha, i know the

Haha, i know the feeling.

Feel free to hog it :) I can only mention that i will probably still end up with the final reply! haha (well it looks like it at the moment anyway)

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