Earthbound Sketchbooks

Earthbound Sketchbooks

Cachet Earthbound is a superb range of sketchbooks with 100% recycled paper and uniformity of surface and colour.

Hardbound Sketch
80 sheets 110gsm (70lb)

– 8.5 x 11" (216 x 279mm)  Code 474 100 811
-- A3 Code 474 100 300
– A4  Code 474 100 400
– A5  Code 474 100 500

Wirebound Sketch
80 sheets 110gsm (70lb)
– 5 x 7" (127 x 178mm)  Code 474 500 507
– 7 x 10" (178 x 254mm)  Code 474 500 710
– 9 x 12" (228 x 305mm)  Code 474 500 912
-- A3 Code 474 500 300
– A4  Code 474 500 400
– A5  Code 474 500 500

Soft Cover Stapled Sketch
30 Sheets 110gsm (70lb)
-- A3 Code 474 150 300
– A4  Code 474 150 400
– A5  Code 474 150 500

Journal Wirebound Sketch
80 Sheets 110gsm (70lb)
--7x10" 474 510 710

Cachet Earthbound Wirebound Sketchbooks A4 and A5
Cachet Earthbound Hardbound Sketchbooks
Soft Cover Stapled Sketchbooks
Wirebound Sketchbook
Hardback Sketchbook
Wirebound Journal Sketchbook


Want some!

I would really love to order one or two of these, they use to sell them at a store by me but i stoped a while back, i love the paper in them and the look, i would really like to purchase a few, they look amazing with my prismacolored pencils.

Earthbound Sketchbooks

Hi, love these sketchbooks and really would like to know if you do any pads or sheets in this paper?
Many thanks


Although smooth, the paper takes not only pencil and pen, but also Conte carrees. I have also used it with a brush pen to dissolve ink and water-soluble pencils on the paper with little cockling orsurface damage, but I haven't tried it with proper watercolour. The tint means that you don't get dazzled on sunny days, and provides a background tone that can be lifted with paler pastels. A book which I've become very fond of, and I'm surprised that more stockists don't sell it.

earthbound sketchbks

Intersted in purchasing sketchbooks; hardbound and spiral. How do I find out their costs and do you ship out bulk to a highschool?

earthbound sketchbooks


If you are interested in buying our products in bulk for a school please send an email to and explain us what you would want.
We will then be able to give you a personnal answer.

Thank you for your request,

Kind regards,


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