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Caring for paintings. Varnish or glass?

Hi All

We bought a new painting at the beginning of the year. The artist who painted
the picture says he used Daler Rowney acrylic paints and used palette knives
for painting. He said that this causes the paint to be thick and we should wait
a while for the paint to dry before getting it varnished but that he does not
varnish his paintings.

When we got the painting mounted and framed the guy who
mounted it for us also suggested that we get it varnished.

We took the painting to restores to get the painting varnished
but the restorers said they could not as the varnish would damage the
painting. !?!.... and here I was thinking it should protect it. !?!

Do you agree with getting it varnished?
Please read this link.

We are currently being advised to put it behind glass?
What about reflections?

I don't really "do" art but I _like_ this painting and want to keep it the
way it is as long as possible.

What would you suggest and why?


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