• Lori Wiseman

Lori Wiseman

I live in a small village in Essex and work in my local hospital as a Senior Orthotics Officer but spend most of my spare time drawing or painting.
Ever since I was a young child I have loved to draw but in the last few years of schooling I was discouraged by my art teacher as she felt I didn’t have the ability to take it any further so for years I put art aside got a job, married etc etc. It wasn’t until my late thirties after much encouragement from family and friends that I took up art again and slowly over the years my confidence has returned.
I have mainly been using pastel and graphite pencils to create detailed portraits of people and animals. However of late I have discovered a new passion for coloured pencils and acrylic paints. I have been using system 3 heavy body acrylic paint and love to experiment with different marks and techniques.
Most of my work is commission based but I also exhibit locally and sell some artwork there.  I don’t know what the future holds in regards to my art but wherever it leads me I will be happy creating work for all to enjoy.
My work can be seen on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lori.wiseman?ref=hl
Or my website http://www.artbylori.co.uk

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