• David Mahoney

David Mahoney

David Mahoney is British freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh. Since 2010 David
has worked for clients both nationally and internationally. He specialises in monochromatic
illustrations using squid ink and Photoshop. While being a freelance illustrator he too is an
Community Professional for Adobe.

For David, keeping tradition alive is important in an increasingly digital age. His
experimentations into merging traditional mediums and digital applications resulted in his
signature style named tradigital. Maintaining an element of craft, and drawing inspiration
from many different cultures and traditions he tries to capture energy and rawness in his
illustrations. In 2013 David was awarded the 99U Scholarship by the Samsung Accelerator
and 99U for his design work. David has had his work displayed in numerous publications
and has spoken at events in both the USA and UK and this year had his first solo
exhibition in London at the Coningsby Gallery.

He has worked for a wide range of clients such as EasyJet, Fortune Magazine, Institutional
Investor, The Cricketer, Adobe, NBA Rareink, MLB Rareink, Computer Arts Magazine,
Advanced Photoshop, Escoda and Digital Arts Magazine.

David Mahoney

For more information about David's work, please visit:
Website: www.idmahoney.com
Twitter: @davidmahoney

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