• Tone Aanderaa

Tone Aanderaa

From early childhood my strongest memories seem to all be visual; Images on walls and in books opened
Magical doors and windows to me; I was an only child, left mostly to myself (my parents were young). 
And, of course, Nature was always there – In south-west Norway.
This combination/background has given me the inspiration to create – paint and write – ever since;
It has been my way to search and connect to the world I live in;
- In an evolving visual language.

My paintings are still really all about my ‘childhood eyes’, seeing and experiencing this ‘strange’, at times scary
- yet wonderful - Life;
- Still believing in fairytales and stories, still wondering and pondering; My Encounters…..

I sometimes think of my paintings as ‘foretelling’ and/or ‘remembering’.
And sometimes I think ‘Perhaps I am painting my own retina; To fall asleep with, and wake up to…?’
Or, as in a quote I found one day many years ago: “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws
an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.” (Meister Eckhart)
My painting is about Who I am; - What I see and experience, what I feel along the way – inspired by a long line
of other painters/artists living before me – and alongside me – and all the stories; real, dreamed, imagined,
and remembered; in a Visual language.

‘Liminal’ has been a theme for me for a long time; This indefinable space between here and there; Between
Dream and Waking Reality; This ‘Meantime’ is magical, a place where one can wander in and out of open
Dream and reality are no longer separate;
Time is suspended,
The clock ceases to tick.
For most of my life my home has been near the shore of the Hardanger fjord, in South-Western Norway.
After eight years in America, 7 of these studying art – and as a conclusion receiving my Master of Fine Arts
degree at Pratt Institute, New York – I moved back to my family roots; painting, writing, and teaching art – and
searching the shores – for the next 20 + years;
In 2009 I moved to Belgium, the land of my ‘teenage-hero’ Magritte; where I now have my atelier and gallery
at an old railway station;’ Station 14, Ste-Marie-Geest’
(www.toneaanderaa.blogspot.com ).

In addition to my own painting, I now also organize and curate a big annual international art exhibition in a
large and natural garden - ‘Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue with, Nature - ‘The Enchanted Garden’


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