• Francisco Gutierrez

Francisco Gutierrez

Francisco A. Gutierrez born in Chile in 1963, now based in Islington, London, trained as an architect from the Northern Catholic University in Chile, he came to London in 2004 where he has been working as an architectural assistant and capturing his own experiences and impressions of London through his sketches and watercolours whose main theme is the urban landscape. Currently he is focused in doing a collection of paintings to capture the disappearing world of the old traditional pubs of London.

The idea is to take these images from walks in the city, which at first glance appear to be grey, and reveal the unexpected drama of light, colours and atmosphere that actually exists in many variations. The techniques of sketch and watercolour are the most familiar to the artist and it also allows to him to have a very close experience with the places. His artistic practice is engaged with the urban landscape and the multiplicity of its combinations. When assembled these create the complex city-space, the mix between the old traditional buildings and the new ones; the mix between cultural context and people. We often miss the beauty of this because we are immersed in our minds. Part of this work was exhibited in the Hall Library at the Barbican in July 2013. He paints these iconic buildings to show their beautiful traditional architecture, their customers, ornaments and style.

Each one is unique and they are portrayed surrounded by the drama of the London light, seasons and new buildings. He paints what he sees and his intention is to keep a record of this disappearing world of pubs which is an ingrained part of the social British culture. These images are recorded into our collective memories, full of emotions, experiences and reminiscences. At the present, he is working parallel with a new collection of paintings called Fantasies, where he works dream and play with the iconic images, backgrounds, and buildings of London, its weather and atmosphere also. The work is produced using ink sketches and watercolour. He loves the qualities and practicalities of this media. Finally his paintings are moments of contemplation, meditation and enjoyment of the landscape in which we live.


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