• Nigel Goodwin

Nigel Goodwin

I became interested in art in February 2003. I have used watercolour, oil, sketches and clay pastel. I have created about 150 artworks to date. I have been involved in two exhibitions. One was with others and one was my own at a local pub! I have sold many paintings and have given many to family and friends.

My main art influences are Dali, Monet and Van Gogh. Dali is my favourite as I like the concept of Surrealism and the works of the mind and subconscious. I enjoy the impressionism of Monet as I believe if you want a really detailed artwork then take a photograph! I also enjoy the brushwork and colour of Van Gogh. I would describe my artworks as abstract impressionism.

In 2007 I produced a document entitled ‘Meditations on the Ten Commandments’ with poems based on the 10 commandments and included abstract oil paintings of the symbolism of the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Also completed is a work entitled ‘The Merging’ which is a collection of poetry combined with a related painting.
I set up an art business from home which I no longer run.  I would dearly love to be remembered for my artworks!

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