• Toby Short

Toby Short

I am a mid-career UK artist and former British Film Industry sculptor. My first solo show took place at Agathi gallery Athens in 2002. I have participated in the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens’ 'Expanded Ecology's during a time of Emergency’ (2009) and co-created 'Where is the Art' a parallel project to the 1st Biennial of Athens (2007).  More recently, I took part in ‘No Country for Young Men: Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis’, Bozar – Palais des beaux-arts Brussels (2014). I was commissioned to create interactive light installation ‘earthnet’ at the Magna Science Adventure centre at Rotherham, Sheffield.

As a boy I used to love exploring. I was particularly fascinated by empty buildings, and deserted spaces; unconventional, unused space, contravening the guidelines of everyday life. I am interested in the space in-between things, in that which defies our immediate perception. To illustrate this I use varying methods to try to encapsulate and define space and light. I am particularly fascinated in the way we view the world via the machines we have created. My work concerns the discovery of something integral to us which is hard to grasp. I strive to expose that which is, logically speaking abundant, but not altogether apparent to an information savvy world.

I have lived in Greece for the last 20 years and have grown to love the country. Having grown up in London England, I believe that as an artist I am in a position to offer a unique perspective on issues of the differing characteristics of these two, on the surface very different cultures. My sculptures have evolved from direct contact with this environment and its day to day issues.

Fractal mentality is the collective name for several sculptures showing a mass of multifaceted geometric planes produced by an intentionally none-mathematical and serendipitous process. I attempt to crossbreed a cloned version of computer-graphic solids (a potentially cold and unemotional medium) with something quite the opposite, very humane, arcane, and instinctive. The resulting effect is a surface of minutely subtle changes in the intensity of the light’s reflection creating something beautiful which is also somehow organic in the chaotic precision of its imprecision.

As the economic necessity to perform the many basic functions of living with the aid of computers becomes more apparent, so the way that we interpret the world around us is obliged to conform to a common language. The application of systematic thinking is the highway that leads to the future, but the economical necessity of effective information-storage is dictating a series of progressively narrowing portals through which we receive the world and therefore we must sacrifice a magical and limitless potential in the name of progress. My art tries to recapture the ‘magic’ which is becoming marginalised by the language of science.

Daler-Rowney have very kindly offered to support the production of these sculptures which are made from durable foil covered acid-free mountboard (passepartout).

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